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Who we are

GICC | Management Consulting is a trusted, relevant, and expert advisor to governments, institutions, and businesses in the Middle East. We’re not just consultants – we’re trusted partners, distinguished by our unique approach and dedication to providing bespoke, data-driven strategies and fact-based solutions that drive value impact.

By combining specialized expertise, an objective perspective, and a focus on innovation and creativity, we deliver tangible, measurable results and create a meaningful impact.

In the diverse and competitive landscape of consulting, our distinct method of working sets us apart.

Firstly, we take a holistic view of our client’s organization. Rather than looking at just one aspect or problem, we consider the entire ecosystem in which they operate. This involves understanding their culture, internal dynamics, market context, and competitive landscape. This thorough and comprehensive perspective allows us to identify interconnections and dependencies that might be missed in a more narrow view.

Secondly, our approach is highly data-driven and fact-based. In today’s world, data is an invaluable resource, and we ensure that all our recommendations are rooted in hard data and factual analysis. This reduces uncertainty and provides our clients with the confidence they need to implement our strategies.

Thirdly, we don’t just provide advice and leave our clients to implement it. We are committed to their success and often assist with the implementation of our recommendations, ensuring that the strategic vision we developed is carried out effectively. This end-to-end engagement is something our clients highly value.

Finally, our team’s diverse experience across industries allows us to bring fresh, innovative perspectives to each project. We don’t just repeat the same solutions; we continually learn, adapt, and innovate to provide the most valuable advice and strategies.

In essence, our unique value proposition is our holistic perspective, data-driven approach, end-to-end engagement, and innovative mindset. We believe that these qualities allow us to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

At GICC | Management Consulting, we are committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients.

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Always Adding Value

GICC | Management Consulting creates value for its clients in various ways. The firm provides highly personalized and customized services and strategies that have real value to help its clients make substantial improvements in managing their organizations’ performance and efficiency.

The firm’s commitment to delivering impact and creating value is at the heart of its work. We are obsessed with creating values. We collaborate closely with clients to understand their unique challenges and opportunities and develop tailored solutions that drive measurable results. Additionally, the firm’s team of consultants includes top-notch experts in a wide range of industries and functional areas, bringing a unique perspective to clients and combining deep industry expertise with a rigorous approach to problem-solving.

There are several benefits for clients to hire GICC | Management Consulting:

    • Specialized Expertise: GICC | Management Consulting provides specialized expertise and knowledge that can help organizations tackle complex challenges and opportunities. Our team of top-notch experts can bring unique perspectives and ideas to help clients achieve their goals.
    • Objectivity and Independence: We provide an independent and objective view of the organization that is free from internal biases and politics. This allows us to identify and address issues more effectively and efficiently.
    • Innovative Thinking: We are known for our innovative thinking and ability to provide fresh and creative solutions to complex problems. We can bring new ideas, benchmarks, and best practices from other industries and countries to help clients stay ahead of the curve.
    • Customized Services: We offer highly personalized and customized services tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. This allows us to provide the most effective solutions that are specific to the organization’s goals and challenges.
    • Performance and Efficiency: We help clients set and achieve performance goals and implement performance management systems to measure and improve organizational performance. This can result in increased productivity, cost savings, and improved overall organizational effectiveness.
    • Objectivity: We provide an independent and objective view of the organization that is free from internal biases and politics. This allows us to identify and address issues more effectively and efficiently.
    • Results-oriented Approach: We have a results-oriented approach that is focused on achieving the client’s goals and objectives. We provide practical and actionable recommendations that can be implemented to deliver real and measurable results.

Overall, the benefits of hiring GICC | Management Consulting include access to specialized expertise, innovative thinking, customized services, and a results-oriented approach that can help organizations achieve their goals and improve their performance and efficiency. Our independent and objective view of the organization can also help clients identify and address issues more effectively and efficiently.


Careers at GICC

GICC offers a broad variety of career options for undergraduates, MBAs, advanced degree holders, and managing professionals.

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