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I am a GICC Founder

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About us

True innovators

At GICC we are multi-skilled, bringing together a team of international experts, thought leaders and strategists to help public and private organizations realize a better tomorrow – reshaping how organizations operate, strategize, deliver and improve their economic value. We are experienced, innovative and strategic, creative and business-minded.

Our consultants

Our greatest assets are our people – exceptional consultants and analysts – one of the best in the world. Our international team of business specialists bring a fresh perspective and world-class expertise to our clients, taking time to understand individual needs and develop unique thinking. With unrivalled experience and passion for their business specialisms, our consultants drive tailored, effective and impactful solutions.
Highly influential advisors working across a range of industries, our teams are well connected in all aspects of business. Our comprehensive network of professional contacts means we are able to operate on behalf of clients at the highest corporate levels.

Our approach

When we take on a new engagement we explore innovative and customized solutions designed to help organizations achieve maximum results. We take a comprehensive approach considering all elements of your business health, much like a doctor working in medicine would. A doctor listens to their patient, assesses their symptoms, asks the right questions, and carries out tests and analyses before diagnosing the problem. It is the doctor that pinpoints the problem and identifies the remedy.
Similarly, we too lead our clients towards better business and financial health using our expertise and insight to inform key decision making along the way. By doing this we always see the bigger picture and achieve the greatest results. And, much like a doctor, we know that every client is unique – each business individual in its own right. That’s why we always work to a tailored approach and use both established and innovative methods to overcome even the most challenging of business initiatives. These include Analysis of Value Added, Business Process Redesign, and Independent Quality Management to name just some of the powerful techniques we utilize.

Adding value

We can, of course find an inspired remedy, fix the issue and leave the business to continue as it was, but by tackling and resolving bigger ‘health’ issues early on we produce opportunities for cost savings, improved financial performance and protect their reputation within the industry.
At GICC, we promise to be there, with you, every step of the way until your business improvement initiative has been fully realized and your organization has seen impressive results.

Who we work with

We work across a number of industries helping ambitious large international organizations, as well as a wide-range of local and regional organizations, achieve more.

  • Telecommunications
  • Government & Semi-government
  • Utility (water, electricity, gas, oil)
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Retail