About us bkp 10-09-18

GICC is among the most prestigious management consulting & advisory company in Dubai and Riyadh, with strong expertise specialized in Business Development & Partnerships, Customer Strategy Innovation and Independent Quality Management/Assurance.

We help our clients make substantial improvements in their performance and efficiency, by involving local and international experts, modern management techniques with highly personalized and customized services & strategies that have real value and impact.

GICC work with the public (government and semi-government), private, utility (water, electricity, gas) and telecom sectors.

Our consultants

Our consistent approach to recruiting and skills development enables us we can quickly deliver the right team, with the right experience and expertise, to every client, anywhere in the world.

GICC Consultants has ability to solve complex challenges, think in logical, well-structured, and easy-follow-up steps; outstanding mental equipment finely honed by first-rate education; self-confident personality; skill in expression; high personal effectiveness; good character; high standards; professional integrity and likely personality.

Who we work it

We work across a number of industries helping ambitious large international organizations, as well as a wide-range of local and regional organizations, achieve more.


GICC help telecom companies on a range of issues including analytics, finance, marketing and sales, strategy, and enterprise.

Government & Semi-government

Our work with government organizations sees us focus on improving the way in which the organizations operate: efficiency, cost savings and realizing development opportunities.

Utility (water, electricity, gas, oil)

With energy specialists at the ready we guide our utility clients through the challenging and varied business landscape in which they currently operate, helping them make the most of the opportunities the industry presents

Aerospace & Defense

Fast-paced and ever-changing, the aerospace and defense industries continue to face change on a significant scale.


Our work within the retail industry sees us collaborate with big brands and new names alike as we tackle the demanding climate of the market; a market that expects its businesses to have a thick skin and a survival of the fittest approach.

Private Sector

GICC has proven experience, expertise, relevancy and wisdom across top industries such as public, utility, telecom and private sectors.