Consulting services bkp 20-08-18

C-level advisory and consulting

Working closely with key members of the organization’s board of directors we advise and counsel on high-level matters to inform strategic thinking and longer-term planning. Our insights and advice improve an organization’s effectiveness.

Customer experience management

Helping clients take their customer satisfaction to the next level by proactively refining the customer experience journey. By doing this we are able to evaluate the way in which customers interact with the business and the effectiveness of current engagement practices. Through this insight we can utilize customer thinking and behaviour to improve business performance and profitability.

Business development and partnerships

Establishing beneficial partnerships is vital to sustaining business success. We ensure our clients are informed and positioned to achieve maximum deal value from partnership ventures. We lead on complex mergers to identify the most beneficial sources of value, determine new values and workplace cultures, and develop tools and strategies to aid integration.

Independent quality management

Ensuring quality business-wide performance is essential if organizations are to realize performance targets. We help clients improve and sustain performance by managing their quality benchmarking and leading them through quality transformation projects.

Performance management

Our talent management experts work with clients to create new performance management processes, strategies and staff engagement plans. We evaluate and define our client’s philosophy towards performance and establish priorities at every level within the organization. Our consultants also lead on the development of engagement initiatives to ensure all staff understand and align with high-level performance management thinking

Digital transformation

There is nothing more current, more immediate and more progressive than digital in today’s business world. It is fast-paced with new ways of working coming to the forefront as best practice at a rate that can feel difficult to maintain. We’re here to work with organizations to develop an integrated digital culture and bring exciting digital communities into the heart of the business. We help clients connect with modern technology and maximize on digital experience.

Project management

Effective project management takes experience, skill and industry insight. Our independent perspective informs client thinking to ensure client’s goals and interests remain the focus of project initiatives for successful economic delivery. Our team of consultants work alongside our client’s in-house teams to develop and deliver the highest level of impact and added value for true business success.

IT management

With IT constantly evolving we collaborate with organizations to improve and refine their IT systems and processes. We can improve your IT system performance, implement new management systems and operational procedures, and help refine the understanding of the systems by those that use it – both staff and customer.

Optimization and design

We work very closely with organizations to explore opportunities for optimization to bring growth and improved performance, along with a reduction in spend. Our aim is always to establish long-term business health by working with design in mind: we design business structures that drive the best possible results.


When our clients come to us for help with innovation we begin by asking ‘how do you currently innovate?’ –from here we can lead an organization towards innovation-led growth. We identify opportunities for business growth and highlight ways to improve the performance of services, products and processes. Our innovation solutions are inspired by our deep industry knowledge and strategic insight to deliver awe-inspiring results.


We work with clients to compile data of value, data that has the power to inform and drive how an organization operates and the results it achieves. Using the latest analytical techniques we examine and map-out business opportunity that allows our clients to gain maximum value from the data they hold.