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GICC help telecom companies on a range of issues including analytics, finance, marketing and sales, strategy, and enterprise. We help companies utilize advanced analytics to inform and accelerate commercial impact; help clients assess, examine and make well-informed financial decisions; lead on the development of marketing planning including ROI analysis and brand strategy; and guide and advise on critical strategic business issues.

Government & Semi-government

Our work with government organizations sees us focus on improving the way in which the organizations operate: efficiency, cost savings and realizing development opportunities. At a time in which governments worldwide face tighter-budgets and subsequently limited spend we advise and implement affordable and effective business solutions. From high-level strategy to day-to-day operational activity, we help institutions rise to the challenges of the ever-changing public sector landscape to ultimately help improve the delivery of their services.

Utility (water, electricity, gas, oil)

With energy specialists at the ready we guide our utility clients through the challenging and varied business landscape in which they currently operate, helping them make the most of the opportunities the industry presents.

Aerospace & Defense

Fast-paced and ever-changing, the aerospace and defense industries continue to face change on a significant scale. With many aerospace companies experiencing a resurgence in demand – largely due to the emerging markets – and defense companies worldwide reacting to a decline in available spend, we work with clients to manage the changes to how governments prioritize their aerospace and defense budgets, helping to identify new opportunities and overcome short and long term industry challenges. We solve problems and create effective and sustainable solutions to ensure our clients are equipped and well-positioned to meet growth targets.


Our work within the retail industry sees us collaborate with big brands and new names alike as we tackle the demanding climate of the market; a market that expects its businesses to have a thick skin and a survival of the fittest approach. We help clients step forward into new realms of digital technology, and overcome and innovate in the face of changing consumer trends and expectations.