C-Level & Leaders Consultancy

C-Level & Leaders Consultancy

We build expertise in C-level advisory, leader advisory, and advising top decision-makers through years of experience working with high-level clients and providing strategic guidance on complex business and organizational challenges.

To be effective in providing advisory services to top-level executives and government leaders, we have a deep understanding of the political and social context in which our clients operate. Therefore, we are able to provide objective, independent advice that takes into account the unique challenges and opportunities facing our clients and the broader community.

In addition, we have the ability to communicate effectively with our clients and build strong, trust-based relationships. We are able to provide practical, actionable advice that can be implemented to achieve real and measurable results.

The value for clients in C-Level and Leaders Advisory services is the expertise and strategic guidance that we can provide to top-level executives and government leaders.

By working with experienced consultants, clients can gain a deeper understanding of the complex challenges they face and receive objective, independent advice that takes into account the political and social context of their organization.

This advice can help clients make better-informed decisions, improve their overall effectiveness, and achieve their strategic goals.

Additionally, effective communication and trust-based relationships between consultants and clients can lead to practical, actionable advice that can be implemented to achieve real and measurable results.

Overall, C-Level and Leaders Advisory services can help clients drive innovation, growth, and long-term success.

Examples of our work

We provided advisory services to a group of high-level government officials in Saudi Arabia, helping them develop and implement a new policy initiative aimed at promoting economic growth and development. Our consultants conducted extensive research and analysis to identify key economic drivers and opportunities for growth and worked closely with the officials to develop a comprehensive policy framework to support these objectives. The result was a more strategic and effective government policy, improved economic outcomes, and increased stakeholder satisfaction.

We provided strategic advisory services to a major telecommunications company’s executive team in Saudi Arabia, helping them identify new opportunities for growth and innovation in the rapidly evolving telecommunications industry. Our consultants conducted in-depth market research and analysis. They worked closely with the client’s leadership team to develop a comprehensive growth strategy, including new product and service offerings, strategic partnerships, and acquisitions. The result was a successful expansion of the client’s business, increased market share, and improved financial performance.

We provided leadership advisory services to the CEO of a large construction company in Saudi Arabia, helping them navigate a complex business environment and achieve their strategic objectives. Our consultants conducted a comprehensive review of the company’s operations and identified several areas for improvement, including streamlining processes, reducing costs, and increasing operational efficiency. We worked closely with the CEO to develop a customized leadership development program focused on enhancing their leadership skills and improving the overall effectiveness of the organization. The result was a more agile and innovative company culture, improved financial performance, and increased employee engagement and retention rates.

GICC has proven experience, expertise, relevancy, and wisdom across top industries such as public, utility, telecom,
and private sectors.

    We have been working behind-the-scenes for powerful clients—people and entities—in the region. Build an enduring relationship based on trust. We help our clients make substantial improvements in their performance and efficiency, by involving local and international experts, modern management techniques with highly personalized and customized services & strategies that have real value and impact.