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Performance Management: Proactively Keeping Score

Performance Management: Proactively Keeping Score Key Fact #1: Performance management keeps companies agile. “Performance management” is a vital part of any business, since it keeps people and processes in-line with strategic objectives and serves as a clear indicator of problems and...


Performance Management: Moving Beyond First Impressions

Performance Management: Moving Beyond First Impressions Key Fact #1: First impressions are powerful, but they can also lead to a downfall. As a leader of a team, or as someone who interacts with customers or clients on a regular basis, you probably...


Artificial Intelligence - Is It Finally Here?

Artificial Intelligence - Is It Finally Here? Key Fact #1: AI is already here. It is becoming cheaper and more available daily. Anyone who has browsed Amazon, YouTube or Google recently might be totally unaware of the amount of artificial intelligence (AI) that...


Transforming into a Performance Culture

Transforming into a Performance Culture Key Fact #1: A company that simply tries to maintain a status quo will slip backward toward mediocrity. Companies generally do not find it easy to maintain a culture of superior performance and ongoing improvement. Even when a...


The Digital Management Mindset

The Digital Management Mindset Key Fact #1: Management of change starts with clear and perpetual top-to-bottom communication. It is of little comfort to hear the phrase “change is a constant” when you already know you are surrounded by change. It is often a source...


The Airlines’ Next Assignment: Bring Assets Back Under the Roof

Key Fact #1: Overall, global profitability for airlines is negative and always under threat. One of the most visible industries on the planet – airlines – has long been one of its most troubled, in terms of overall sustainability and profitability, and substantial changes in management strategy must occur for things to change. Over the...


The Customer Experience Challenge: The Evolution and Sophistication of Customer Care

In recent years, the customer base of any company has both expanded and contracted, and this means traditional approaches to customer care must be seriously reviewed and revamped. How can a customer base expand and contract at the same time? It expands because of greater reach. Companies can now connect with people all over...


The Performance Measurement Index

The Performance Measurement Index Key Fact #1: If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Pursuing excellence is a noble undertaking, but it can be a wasted effort when there are no metrics to track its progress. To align an agency’s mission with its operations, an organization must ensure there is a scorecard system...


Understanding Digital Transformation and Digital Disruption

The first thing to recognize about digital transformation is that it is neither a new thing or a single thing. One could argue that it has been going on for 60 years or more since the advent of the very first computers. Since that time, business and industry have been evolving, using computer and...


The Power of Data in Customer Experience

The Power of Data in Customer Experience Although much of the world’s attention is focused on the explosion of technologies such as the Internet of Things, mobile devices, and the blockchain, it is vital for executives and senior decision makers to recognize that these tools are primarily drivers of a much more powerful force –...


Intelligent tech: what the Internet of Things can do for you

What is the Internet of Things? The Internet of Things (IoT) is essentially a huge network of intelligent ‘things’...


Investing in data foundation

Taking a building block approach to data For an organization to become truly data-driven it must take a step back, deconstruct and analyze existing processes...


Digital transformers: creating a new future for digital

Digital transformation is no longer a tool considered as simply existing to improve efficiency within a business...


Taking digital capabilities to the next level

Digital technology is at the heart of everything we do. Our international client base, cross-industry experience and established relationships with...


Welcome to Blockchain: A new era of technology

Digital technology is at the heart of everything we do. Our international client base, cross-industry experience and established relationships with leading organizations and innovative new start-ups alike position us uniquely to consult on a myriad of digital technology projects. We have built a reputation as one of the leading independent providers of digital transformation capabilities....


AI: the future of profitability?

One of the most talked-about technologies today is artificial intelligence (AI). Although much of the discussion is still theoretical, the technology is developing rapidly, and it has already begun to transform how some industries operate. In the past, capital investment and labour have been used to increase production and profitability. These tools have...


What we do

GICC is among the most prestigious management consulting & advisory company in Dubai and Riyadh, with strong expertise specialized in Business Development & Partnerships, Customer Strategy Innovation and Independent Quality Management/Assurance.

We help our clients make substantial improvements in their performance and efficiency, by involving local and international experts, modern management techniques with highly personalized and customized services & strategies that have real value and impact.

GICC work with the public (government and semi-government), private, utility (water, electricity, gas) and telecom sectors.

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Achieving real impact, always adding value

Our reputation for creating and adding value comes from our innovative ways of working, learnt from experience in multi-industry environments, collaborating behind-the-scenes with some of the most influential business minds and organizations. We are the go-to consultants for the most successful entities in the region – entities that continue to work with us, long term.

Our extensive experience and in-depth approach enable us to achieve impressive results for our clients, with a positive impact to business culture, productivity and reputation. After working with us, clients benefit from improved organizational health having learnt and improved their ability to imagine, design, develop and refresh itself ahead of other organizations within their sector.

We believe in working flexibly and innovatively – it’s how we achieve remarkable impact. Our aim is to deliver long-lasting results and self-sustaining ways of working so our clients’ are confident to move forward and continue to see excellent results for years to come.


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